Ghana’s 2012 General Election (2012-2013)

Ghana’s 2012 General Election (2012-2013) This documentary covers Ghana’s 2012 elections. The two candidates were John Dramani Mahama of the NDC (National Democratic Congress) and Nana Dankwa Akufo Addo of the NPP (New Patriotic Party). Rallies were being done throughout the 10 regions of Ghana so as to win votes and public support in the elections. Nana Akufo Addo had his infamous free quality SHS package and John Mahama promised to reduce the cost of living, and create jobs. Finally on December 7th, Ghanaians went to the polls. From many polling stations, polling officials made complaints of having problems with the verification machines. Also, the voters complained about long queues, coming to the polling stations early and the polling officials not starting on time, and ballot boxes arriving at the polls late. A great deal of frustration was expressed. A victor could not be determined on December 7th, so the people of Ghana had to go to the polls again on December 8th. It appeared as though Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP were in the lead, but then a sudden breaking news came that John Dramani Mahama had won the 2012 Presidential Elections. The results were announced at the Electoral Commission that John Mahama won by 50.7% and that Nana Addo had 47.7%. Unfortunately due to alleged fraud and rigging in the election by John Mahama, the NPP rejected the results and filed a suit in court against the NDC. The matter was being taken up in the Supreme Court and the NDC also joined in the petition, but to prove that there was no act of fraud or form of rigging of any sort. John Mahama was then sworn in again on Inauguration Day. John Dramani Mahama, who was sworn in as President shortly after the untimely death of late President John Evans Atta Mills, has now assumed office and is currently President of the Republic of Ghana though the allegations against him are still underway in the Supreme Court.