Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, “Black Colorism” in the 1920s, Hair Care, and the One Drop Rule

My name is Bhekizitha. I am a trained Geologist, businessman and African activist who seeks to solve the problem of African / black subordination under white domination by asking “Who is on the team?” That is, “Who is African?” Since the fundamental problem facing African people in the United States and across the globe is the lack of understanding and importance of knowing who part of the African race.

With white societal rules for the past one hundred years reshaping the consciousness of who is African by declaring anyone with sub-Saharan ancestry African / black. Add to that the white media and schooling system educating African / black people as well as other races to hate and loath the African phenotype; a booming apathy and self-loathing disorder has grown in the African’s consciousness.

African Centered Biological Nationalism aims to expose the negative outcomes of declaring everyone African / black and thus devaluing Afrianness and how African people can utilize the correct definition of who is African to: attain power, positive lives and peace of mind.

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