Ghana Decides Tag: Election 2012 Video Campaign

Ghana Decides Tag is a video campaign launched by the Ghana Decides team to encourage discussion about electoral issues among Ghanaians both online and offline.

Make a 5-minute video answering about five of the following questions to join the convo:

GhD Tag Questions:
• Identify yourself — Name, Location, Voter registration status
• What was your experience as a first-time registered voter?
• Do you plan to vote in this election? Why/Why not?
• Do you think Ghanaians in the Diaspora should be allowed to vote in presidential
elections? Why/Why not?
• What is the most important issue for u during this election cycle, and why?
• What top two qualities would you expect of Ghana’s next president?
• Which is more important and why – the party that governs or the individual who’s
• How do you say “Let’s have a peaceful election” in your local language?
• Where do you see Ghana in the next 5 years?
• Complete the sentence: My Ghana is…
• Complete the sentence: If I were president…
• Complete the sentence: Being Ghanaian means…
• If you could envision a “new Ghana” what would it be?
• On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate Ghana’s progress over the past four years?

Visit to learn more about how to participate. You may download the doc at and share with your networks.

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