Ghana 2017

My best friend, Meah, just returned from our church’s mission trip to Ghana, West Africa this week, and I was honored to edit her footage into this video.
It was, as you can see, an incredible week for all. They were able to treat over 2,000 people medically, plant three churches, and baptize nearly 200 people. How amazing is God?!
I hope that this video will not only preserve the beautiful memories for Meah, but also be a way of encouraging others to get involved by giving towards the Ghana medical missions at Christ Church or by going with us! That’s right… US! After some prayer, I have felt the Lord very clearly tell me that it’s my turn to go out of my comfort zone.
The people and nation of Ghana are so beautiful, and I hope that this video captures just how incredible the week spent there must have been.
ALSO – a little bit about the song in the video. This song is “Wonder,” from Hillsong United’s latest album. I chose this acoustic version of the song for the obvious upbeat tribal vibe that it carries, but also because of the lyrics. It speaks about salvation and baptism, two moments in our walk with Christ that open our eyes to seeing the world in a new way. For many people in the villages of Ghana reached by our team, they were able to see the world through a lens of faith by salvation and baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But also, the missionaries now see the world in a new way by having encountered these amazing people and their stories.
“I see the world in light
I see the world in wonder
I see the world in life
Bursting in living colour
I see the world Your way
And I’m walking in the light”
You can find a full story about the song by searching “New Song Cafe Wonder Hillsong United” on YouTube. It’s incredible.

*I will update this description when the time comes with information on how to give to the medical mission team, or to mine and Meah’s “Ghana fund” directly.*