Ghana 2017 – Part One

Music: “Not A Single Day (Interlude)” – Arizona. I tried to extend it a little bit though.
This is part one of my recent African Adventure to Ghana. This was part of the weekend before we started our project. Part Two will feature the national park that we went to.
In this short clip the main places that are featured are the castle, it was the largest slave farm in the world and the tour through that was extremely emotional.
We also visited a crocodile hotel in which we ate lunch (not on camera) and managed to pet a wild crocodile – they weren’t drugged and they’re not particularly tame.
For one of the nights we were aloud into a club at our hotel and here we just danced and enjoyed our night before heading out to our project.
Obviously I didn’t get everything on camera, but this experience honestly changed me. I recommend volunteering in Ghana, or anywhere else in a poorer country as the help you give will leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished something in your life.