Futurestars and Alive & Kicking – working together in Ghana

The Futurestars project in Tema, Ghana has been using balls supplied by the Alive & Kicking Charity for the past few years.

Alive & Kicking make durable sports balls in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia keeping adults in employment, helping children play, and raising health awareness through sport.

On 23rd June this year a team from Alive & Kicking visited the Futurestars morning school session in Community 7 Primary School where the coaches were holding the regular morning football session and PE session for boys and girls between the ages of 7 to 11.

They also visited the After School Development Centre to see how the boys performed off the sandy pitches in the schools and to experience first hand the extended coaching, discipline and training the coaches give the boys who are privileged to be part of this project. Parts of the sessions were filmed and the boys were excited to share the opportunity OMA Group, Yinson & Ipswich Town FC have given them.

OMA Group directors Gary Miller and Ian Treder recently completed the Tour of Suffolk cycle ride raising funds for the Alive & Kicking Charity which were in turn able to supply us with new footballs for the new season – the first few you can see in action here, the rest will follow in time for the September Futurestars sport festival in Tema.

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