Epic Legendary Intense Massive Heroic Vengeful Dramatic Music Mix – 1 Hour Long

All these tracks have been mixed and edited together in order to provide an epic, legendary and unforgettable journey into a realm of your own mind.

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00:00 Audiomachine – Legend Of Victory
00:58 DeVso Music- Descendent Of God (2013 Epic Powerful Hybrid Heavy Rock Vengeance War Choir)
03:54 Position Music(Jack Trammell)- Neosphere (2012 Epic Massive Hybridized Electro Rock powerful)
05:28 Audiomachine – Guardians At The Gate (Access Denied dubstep edit)
07:16 Ivan Torrent – TH3 AWAK3N1NG (EPIC MUSIC)
10:53 Epic Score- Prepare For The Onslaught (2012 Epic Intense Action Hybrid Rock Orchestral Choir Battle)
14:48 Music Junkies – Sword Of Damocles (Torque – Epic Dubstep Orchestral)
16:53 Music Junkies – No Refuge (Dark Hybrid Action)
17:38 Ninja Tracks- Passages (2012 Epic Intense Hybrid Action Orchestral Aggressive Heroic)
20:24 Tom Player & Nick Smith – Blade Of Blood (NEW HARD MIX – Massive Intense Driving Hybrid)
22:56 Xtortion Audio – Untouchable (Nick Murray & Mark Moore – Intense Driving Electronic Hybrid)
25:52 Twin Scoring Studio – Cyb3rn3tica (Epic Dark Hybrid Electronic)
29:00 Brand X Music – Decimate (Volume 16 – Epic Choral Massive Hybrid)
31:02 Epic Score – Make Your Own Fate (Edward Bradshaw – Epic Action Choral Hybrid)
33:43 Pusher Music – Prelude ( complete ) transformers 3 trailer
35:44 Massive Noise Machine – No Fly Zone (All Cues)
37:12 Dark Souls 2 Trailer Music
38:37 Mark Petrie – Richat (Epic Dramatic Action)
40:35 Sencit Music- Devil Amongst Us (Epic Action Rock Dark Suspense Powerful)
43:07 Sencit Music- Gloves Off (2012 Epic Action Massive Battle Heroic Orchestral Vengeance)
45:26 Medal Of Honor Warfighter – Dark Theme (Versus’ Full Version Remix)
49:46 David Edwards – Insurrection (Fringe Element Trailer Series – Epic Massive Choral Hybrid)
51:21 Iron Man 3 Trailer Music – Versus’ Full Version
53:44 Immediate music – Preliator
57:48 Two Steps From Hell – False King
58:25 Methodic Doubt_Kopius Few – Surgery Pulse
01:00:33 8 Dawn – Blades of Destiny (Choir)
01:02:26 Sencit Music – Devastation

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