Empowering Kayayei – Ghana’s Market Women Take Control

This film from Ghana shows the impact of family planning and reminds us of the value of partnerships in reaching some of the world’s most vulnerable women.

One of the most desperate groups of women we work with in Ghana are the market head-porters, known as the Kayayei. Escaping the poverty of the Northern Regions, women and girls as young as 10 come to our capital in search of a better life.

It is hard to describe just how desperate their lives can become. Knowing no one, they are isolated, vulnerable and treated as outcasts from the beginning. We work with the local police, the Kayayei Association, and the Society for Women and AIDs in Africa, to make sure they are protected. Protected from violence, HIV/STIs and unwanted pregnancy and cared for.

They have no one, so I tell them: I’m their mother; I’m here to care for them.