Djembe – Making a Djembe – Ghana, West Africa

This is a video collection of “Classic Djembes” and “Drum Circle Djembes” being hand crafted in Ghana, Africa by the Africa Heartwood Project.
Description of the Africa Heartwood Project:
Drums with heart. Drums that make a difference. Drums that were and are part of something living, dynamic, eternal. Each Heartwood djembe is a symbol of hope and sacrifice and partnership. In a market based economy where the imperative is to maximize profit at any cost, Africa Heartwood Project is using the free market as a humanitarian tool to generate sustainable livelihoods for hard-working artisans in West Africa who otherwise would not have access to markets large enough to provide for their families. With a long-term commitment to individual drum and instrument builders, AHP has given hundreds of hours of skills training and business mentorship, helped extend micro-loans and donated funds valuing thousands of dollars to purchase tools, buy land, build workshops, and purchase raw materials, and has helped to established solid distribution channels that will ensure that the artisans can count on income next month, next year, and through to the next generation. African Heartwood Project labors on behalf of the entrepreneurial artisans to keep their hands busy, bellies full, and hope alive.