Canadian Softball – Great Again (Official Music Video)

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Filmed at Mike’s Barber Shop in Cookeville, TN:

1. Average Joe:
2. Your Validation:
3. Mathematical:
4. Great Again:
5. Mumble:
6. Lysergide:
7. Seven (SDRE cover):
8. Peev Shalpatine:
9. Weebi Fm:
10. Cut the Cord (feat. Hotel Books):
11. United We Skramz:
12. Ohio Is for Emo Kids:
13. Pink Wednesday:
14. The Distance Between:
15. Brevé Canzoné:
16. Fund Me:

Written, performed and directed by Jarrod Alonge
Cinematography by Matt Matheson
Produced, mixed and mastered by Johnny Franck
Vocals edited by Mike Martenson
Special thanks to Tommy Judd, Chris Maynard, Noah Alonge, Danny Valerio and Mike Daniels

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I’m a 24-year-old Tennessean, wannabe comedian, try-hard YouTuber and scene metal enthusiast. On this channel, you will find music by the likes of Sunrise Skater Kids and Amidst The Grave’s Demons, as well as a few sketch videos. I occasionally team up with bands like Issues, Blessthefall, August Burns Red, PVRIS, and As It Is. Subscribe to stay updated on new projects, and check out my merch!

Driving past the freeway on my daily commute
7 miles to the gallon with a first-rate view
Not a fairy in this town, we chased them out long ago
My Southern values matter more than you’ll ever know
This land is great and it should never change
I don’t care what those Commie bastards say
My straight white children and a wife that cleans
Let’s pour a glass for the American dream
Graduated to a high paying job completely debt free
There’s nothing quite like life in 1953
Saw a black guy on the sidewalk, better call 911
He got arrested for no reason, but at least I had some fun
Dress up nice for church in my Sunday best
Go back home and bone my wife, I am so blessed
You call this shit coffee? It tastes like old piss
I’ll knock all your teeth out with the back of my fist
Go get me a beer bitch, you’re supposed to submit
Don’t do this again or else you’ll regret it