automatic cigarette box overwrapping machine for Ghana’s customer box cellophane packer

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Specifications of cigarette box overwrapping machine:
1. The packing has moisture-proof,dust-proof,prevent oil ,security function .
2.Greatly improve the packaging yield and adornment effect, increase the market competitive power
of packaging products, can make the sales soar, and improve the added value of products.
3.The price is low, stable operation, high reliability, almost without maintenance, Replace simple,
quick and convenient.

Application of Cellophane Packing Machine:
This kind packing machine can support single-box packaging and also sets packaging. it can pack the products of various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, agriculture products, health products, stationery, high-end gifts packings etc.

Technical Characteristics of Transparent Film Packing Machine:
It is a full-automatic three –dimensional packing machine, with the mention of cigarette machine. Made of materials including BOPP film and PVC, the machine can apply to wrapping the products as a folding hexahedral single-box package. It’s an ideal for the cassette packing cases. This machine is widely used in cosmetics, food, health products, medicine, agricultural and sideline products, audio and video products, culture articles, high-grade gift packages and other industries in various sizes of single-box type items three dimensional transparent film wrapping. It can feed automatically by conveyor belt, wrapping, folding, side-sealing, the upper and lower shaping, counting, and owning self-adhesive security features such as easy to pull. It is one of the best anti-faking methods to mark companies’ logos and names in various colors on security tear tape with anti-counterfeiting laser and phosphorescence, very suitable for high-end label products packages. This type of packing machine is equipped with U-type cutter, with an easy opening in the wrapping products, which is convenient for detaching. It’s the best full-sealing equipment to take place of traditional heat shrinking machine, with the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-counterfeiting, anti-pollution. This kind machine can support single- box type packaging and also the whole line packaging after connected to boxing machine, coding machine and the other associated equipments.

Features for Transparent Film wrapping Machine:
Adopting the advanced servo motor system to conduct the film in right shape and combining the PLC automatic control with intelligent human-machine interaction operation, the film packing machine can set multiple formulations for products and reserve the data sets according to the customers’ specific requirements. This type packing machine is operated by computer-touch screen. The product speed, class output quantity, cumulative output quantity are recorded and showed on the screen. It also can continuously record the running time.
With the linking to the turning package equipment or the stowing mechanism , this kind packing machine can pack almost all kinds of parallel- line packing and assembled sets packages like two-five structure box packing. In addition, with the application of guide-way structure equipment for package-erecting and high-tech photo-electric sensor conveyor device for products transmission, the packing machine can effectively avoid the phenomena of packages being stuck, stacked or bonded together. The use of PLC whole-process automated control can help to reduce the pressure of the machine operation and avoid the friction and extrusion between the packages so that it can effectively prevent the appearance of packages from deformation.
with the operation principle of mechanical transmission, pneumatic supplemented by the design, the packing machine runs stably during the normal working time. This type packing machine is featured for its low failure rate, simple operation and easy maintenance, which can resume normal production in a short time after failures. With the balance of the sprocket and chain drive, the products can be pushed inside flatly by machine, effectively avoiding the phenomena of boxes being stuck and cast off.

Main technical parameters of cellophne Packing Machine:
Packing Material BOPP film and gold tear tape
Packing Speed 15~25 packs/min
Packing Size (L)300 × (W)200 × (H)100mm
Electric Supply & Power 220V 50Hz 5kw
Weight 800kg
Overall Dimensions (L)2400×(W)1200×(H)1800mm