About Lancaster University Ghana

Lancaster University Ghana (LUG) was established in 2013 in academic collaboration with Lancaster University, United Kingdom.
Lancaster University is currently ranked in the top-10 in the UK and in the top 1% of University’s in the world. Lancaster is a research intensive university and it is highly regarded internationally. LUG offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across a range of disciplines including undergraduate programmes in business studies, law, computing, politics, marketing, economics, international relations, and psychology. The University offers Lancaster’s world ranked and award winning EMBA. The University will offer programmes in science and engineering in 2019. The campus was established in 2013, and has grown to over 550 students in the first 3 years of operation. The University is in the process of acquiring land for a permanent campus facility in Accra, Ghana. The University will graduate its first batch of students in September 2017 followed by the 1st EMBA batch in December 2017.