24/7 Nintendo Music Stream – All-Star Edition

Welcome to next edition of the Nintendo Music stream! Get ready for multiple days of non-stop Nintendo music awesomeness.


My goal is to create a stream that can run 24/7, but that requires a new PC dedicated to the stream.
You can help this dream become reality by donating. Every bit helps! Thank you so much.

Support here:

As a thank you you may request a song and it will be played right away. (Only when I’m not AFK.)

I’d like to make clear that donating is entirely optional and watching this stream is 100% free and not monetized/ad-free.

Note: I decided to put up a donation goal this time so everyone can visually see how close we are to becoming a 24/7 stream. The calculation behind the goal amount (for each PC part) can be found on our Discord server in the #announcements section.


We now have a Discord server for our community! It’s a place to chat, build gaming groups, make stream requests or suggestions, see a full list of all songs in the stream & more! Come join us!


Soon Discord will be integrated with the stream which will offer some new, exciting opportunities. Details will be revealed at a later date.


To keep things fresh, each stream will have a different playlist of game soundtracks.
This stream includes 81 games and 6 bonus soundtracks. More may be added during the stream.

I decided to not remove soundtracks but only add new ones until this has become a real 24/7 stream, which truly makes this an “All-Star Edition”. Many of Nintendo’s top games are included! 🙂

NOTE: Due to limited space in the YouTube description I can no longer put all games here.
You can find all games playing in this image:
If you’d like it in text form AND access the full list of songs for each game please visit our Discord community server:


Note: This is not the complete list of commands.

!wallpapers – Links to stream wallpapers. (
!discord – Link to our discord. (
!donate – Sends out the link to support the stream. (
!playlist – Links to the playlist. (
!requests – Tells you whether requests are currently open or closed.
!schedule – Links the upcoming soundtrack schedule for my YT channel. (
!twitter – Links to my main Twitter ( and Dystifyzer’s Twitter (

RANKS & STREAM SHOP (No actual money used)

Upon first being active in the stream chat you are assigned a rank. Keep being active and you are able to obtain a higher rank, which unlocks special stream commands.

Rank (Requirement)

Picori (Get upon joining the stream for the first time)
Deku Scrub (Watch 1 hour)
Kokiri (Watch 10 hours)
Hylian (Watch 24 hours)
Sheikah (Watch 100 hours)
Twili (Watch 500 hours)
Guardian (Be a moderator)
Ancient Robot (Be a bot)

More ranks may be added in the future.

What’s more: For every chat message you send within 30 minutes you will be able to earn 50 Rupees, which you can use in mini games, bets, auctions and our very own stream shop! The shop will offer a variety of rewards, some of which may even have a real world value. All of this costs absolutely no real world money.

To check how many Rupees you have type visit if the command is disabled. (!rupeecheck) You may also use !rupees. (It has a 30 minute cooldown.)

More details will be added soon.



Twitter for stream updates and video upload notifications:

Contact for anything else: dystifyzer@gmail.com