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The ‘king of the North’, Fancy Gadam said to Bola Ray on Starr Chat that the ‘one corner’ hit maker Patapaa is a “joker” and not a talented artiste.

Ahjmed Mujahid Bello, popularly known as Fancy Gadam, has said his colleague hiplife musician, Patapaa Amisty is not a talented artiste.


“I have heard of Patapaa. Patapaa is not talented, he is not talented. I won’t waste my time to collaborate with him. No! I won’t put him on my album, Patapaa is a joker, he is not a musician,” he reacted to Bola Ray’s question on whether he will ever collaborate with Patapaa on a song.

The feud between these two musicians commenced after Patapaa stated that Fancy Gadam didn’t deserve the Song of the Year award he received at the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) held over the weekend.

Fancy Gadam won the award with his hit song ‘Total Cheat’, to the chagrin of Patapaa who was confident that his song ‘One Corner’ should have won that category.

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Patapaa is a joker not a musician – Fancy Gadam


In a rant after the awards, Patapaa told in an exclusive interview we had that the VGMA boardhave to stop those things they’ve been doing;  ‘If someone deserves an award, you have to give it to him based on his output. They don’t have to take any stupid money to give an award to an undeserving artiste”.

Patapaa who became an instant sensation midway last year after his hit song took over the entire nation, has since apologised for the rant.

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