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CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour has risen to the defense of Moesha Boduong following a series of public backlash against the actress.

According to her, it is “distressing” and “disappointing” that Ghanaians have made Moesha a target for freely speaking her mind on the subject of sex and relationships.

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Moesha became an object of public scrutiny after she said on CNN’s “Sex & Love Around The World” series, that in Ghana many women rely of married men to survive due to the tough economic conditions.


The actress trended on social media throughout last week, and was bashed by the public both on the airwaves and on social media.

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection also released a strong-worded statement condemning Moesha for tagging Ghanaian women along in her comment.

However, in a sharp riposte, Mrs. Amanpour has come to the defense of the embattled actress, insisting Ghanaians have been unfair in their treatment of Moesha.

According to her, she is “hurt and angry to see such an innocent woman condemned by the press and by many people on social media.”


CNN Journalist, Christiane Amanpour


In a statement released through CNN, the 60-year-old presenter said women around the world must be allowed to speak freely on such matters without shame.

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“I am so surprised to see this happening in Accra, a city that has rightly got so much attention recently for being one of the most economically and politically successful capitals in Africa. Indeed I was heartened while I was in Accra, listening to a speech by the President himself, defending the rights of the free press to report fully, accurately and fairly,” she said.

The CNN host added: “I urge my colleagues in the Ghanaian press to reserve judgment for the whole episode, and for the people to understand that all must be seen in context, not judged on one excerpt.

“I also respectfully urge the President of Ghana and the minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection to stand up for the rights of one of their own who was simply enjoying a carefree, boisterous and mostly humorous conversation with me.

“I want women all over the world to know they can and should be able to talk about matters of sex and love without fear and without shame.”

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