Joyful Way Releases ‘God Alone’ in Preparation for Explosion of Joy 2017 – Citi Showbiz

The evergreen Joyful Way Incorporated has released a live in worship with Hlengiwe Ntombela of Joyous Celebration fame.

This move is part of the series of promised releases towards Explosion of Joy 2017. God Alone combines harmonically-rich tunes with very timely lyrics.

‘God Alone’ is the theme driving this year’s edition of Explosion of Joy, an annual music concert organized by Joyful Way Incorporated.

God Alone is full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics which would keep you glued: repeated listens is very much assured.

“We affirm that it is only God who stays with us through the good and the bad: family could fail us, friends could fail us, we even fail our own selves, it is God Alone that sticks with us through it all,” the say.

Today we share with you God Alone, Joyful Way Incorporated in LIVE worship with Hlengiwe Ntombela:

By: Kwame Dadzie/

Published on 15 September 2017 | 5:42 pm at Source