I stayed out of Kumawood movies because of language issues – Mr. Beautiful – Kasapa102.5FM

Renowned Ghanaian actor and staunch supporter of the opposition NDC party, Clement Bonney popularly known as Mr. Beautiful has said his reason for no longer featuring in Kumawood movies is the issue of language.

Though most producers in Kumasi have indicated that he (Mr. Beautiful) was no longer a selling force in the Kumawood industry because the region had lost interest in him, Mr. Beautiful told Delay it’s language that has left him sidelined and never because of politics.

According to him, he was compelled by some producers to speak the Ashanti language in movies but he resisted explaining to them that the Fante language is his native tongue.

“The Kumawood producers wanted me to speak Asante Twi and I said no. I will stick to speaking Fante.”

Mr beautiful indicated that “the producer in-charge of writing subtitles for Kumawood movies also confirmed he couldn’t understand the Fante language” the reason he backed out of the industry.


Published on 2017-12-06 12:56:41 at Source