This the real reason why Afia Schwarzenegger was sacked by the Despite Group

Dave Hammer, a popular presenter at Hello FM, one of the Despite Media Group radio stations in Kumasi, has revealed that Afia Schwarzenegger’s gossiping habits and ill-discipline could have been factors that influenced her sacking.

Speaking to Tracy Boakye, Dave Hammer said ,“She (Afia) is my friend… we were all in the industry. I came to fetch fire and not look into the cooking pot… I’m not happy that a colleague was sacked but in order to maintain your work, you have to respect laid down rules. You know we have a lot of workers so comport your yourself and follow the rules. So (maybe) she didn’t take the rules and regulations seriously enough.

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Tracy Boakye reminded Dave Hammer how Afia Schwarzenegger is her mother-figure in the industry.

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

However, Dave continued to revealed that though he wasn’t close to the issues in Accra, he had heard some things which he didn’t wouldn’t like to put out.

Okay FM, UTV we have ethics, rules, and regulations… I know you have a company and you have rules and I’m sure you will ensure the rules are obeyed,” he explained to Tracy Boakye.

I was in Kumasi, Hello FM but I heard it. I’m not CEO or Director of Finance…. I’m not sure ours is the only company Afia Schwarzenegger had gone and she’s been sacked. Oooh she’s been at various media houses…. she was even with Angel…. so she came from somewhere to us”, he explained to Tracey Boakye.

“She went contrary to the rules and regulations.. it is not everything I know. I’m sure she went contrary to the rules and regulations,” he added.

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