These are the 4 allegations Ebony’s father has made against Bullet…so far

Nana Opoku-Kwarteng, father of late Dancehall sensation Ebony seems to have many things to say about his late daughter after her burial which took place on March 24, 2018.

PHOTO: ‘I believe you appreciate all I did for you’ – Bullet as he remembers “Queen” Ebony
‘I believe you appreciate all I did for you’ – Bullet as he remembers “Queen” Ebony

Ebony’s father, when the news of his daughter’s death suddenly hit Ghanaians, said he had many confessions to make and would voice out after he has successfully buried his daughter.

So far, Nana Poku Kwarteng has made 4 damning allegations and confession about her daughter’s life regarding her music career.

Here, we bring you some excerpts of the allegations made by Ebony’s dad so far against Bullet and Ruff Town.

1 Bullet caused Ebony’s death

Nana Opoku Kwarteng blamed manager Bullet for his negligence that made her daughter meet her untimely death. According to him, Bullet had all right to have stopped Ebony from embarking on her deadly journey, but he did not. Nana added that Ebony would have been alive if Rufftown Records had done their job well.

2 Bullet never wrote 95% of Ebony’s songs

Again Nana Opoku said Bullet lied about writing 95% of Ebony’s songs. Bullet and the late Ebony herself are on record for stating that he wrote 95% of the songs contained in her Bonyfied Album which was released in December last year. But Ebony’s dad has shot down this claim by Bullet. Stating that it was unfortunate for Bullet to have made that statement. Nana Opoku further claimed that his daughter was a good songwriter, and had about 20 songs written before she met Bullet.

3 Ebony was abused by Bullet

Nana Opoku also claimed in an interview that Bullet verbally abused Ebony when they were working together. He went on to add that, Ebony complained to him bitterly about her predicament, but there was nothing he could do to save his daughter because she was bonded by a contract. He also claimed that Bullet handled his daughter poorly, but she couldn’t complain till she met her untimely death.

4 VGMAs Awards

The father of Ebony says his daughter worked so hard for her recently won awards at the VGMA and that Bullet and the management didn’t help her out. He revealed this when he was dedicating Ebony’s awards were he gave Ebony 40% of work done and then 60% to her fans.

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