Busumburu SeanKingston is a hungry blogger who is paid GHC 30 for his services – Mebusem

Actor Mebusem has described Kumasi-based blogger and Social media marketer, SeanKingston Busumburu as a hungry man who needs help.

SeanKingston made some damning allegations against the actor who became famous for getting married to a disabled lady and giving birth to twins with her.

Sean Kingston said the actor was acting a movie and that the marriage to the disabled lady was just a movie. He said the parents of the said lady were worried about what Mebusem was doing.

But speaking in an interview, Mebusem indicated that Sean Kingston is just a hungry blogger who is tailing him for money.

“That blogger sent me request on Facebook fifteen times before I accepted him as a friend on Facebook. He is just hungry and wants some money from me. He is paid thirty cedis for the work he does so he is hungry and needs some money; reason why he made those allegations against me.”



Published on 2017-11-15 08:29:54 at Source