We’ll resist attempts to silence us -Minority – Starr Fm

The Minority in Parliament has indicated it will resist any attempt to silence them in the House.

The NDC MPs have come under attacks from some members of the Public including former Attorney General, Martin Amidu for threatening to initiate processes towards the impeachment of the speaker over bias.

Speaking on the matter publicly for the first time, Minority leader Haruna Iddrisu, assured his side will continue to be responsible but will not be cowed into submission.

“We are a responsible minority, we need to counter balance and check possible excesses and abuse of the exercise of state authority, therefore the opposition has a role to play, we know our responsibility but the right of the minority to have its say should not and would not and cannot be compromised at any given. We know as the minority, we cannot have our way but we can have our say and that jealously must be guarded”.

Meanwhile the Speaker, Mike Ocquaye has rejected accusations by the Minority about fairness against their side.

Last week, the minority was incensed over the decision of the Speaker to deny the minority a follow- up question when the Agric minister appeared before the House over the fall armyworms that have invaded farms across the country.

The minority claimed the Speaker has consistent occasions tried to stifle them in the House.


Published on 31 July 2017 | 12:27 pm at Source