Prosecute ex officials on solid evidence – Ayine to NPP – Starr Fm

The former Deputy Attorney General and Minister for Justice Dr. Dominic Ayine has stated that the Nana Addo-led administration can go ahead and prosecute alleged corrupt officials of the erewhile Mahama government if they have enough evidence.

The President addressing the Journalists said former government officials who engaged in alleged corrupt practices under the NDC will be prosecuted if evidence is gathered.

But the NDC Member of Parliament of Bolga East said until the cases are brought before court, such rhetoric can be described as mere allegations.

Mr. Ayine added that he is unconcerned by the President’s threat since he did not engage in any illegality during his tenure in office.

“If there is any evidence of corruption on the part of any former government official, I think that it is only right that we comply with the law,” he said.

The former Deputy AG added that the minority will not cry foul if the prosecution starts and it is based on convincing evidence.

“Well we need to understand, sometimes the reaction is based on the fact of the lack of evidence…so for instance when you properly build a docket and the docket shows clearly that former government officials or whoever is alleged to have engaged in corruption… actually engaged in corruption; I think it will be useless for anyone to start singing the songs of witch-hunting,” he added.

Published on 19 July 2017 | 2:36 pm at Source