Woman arrested with cocaine not is my relative – Prez Kufuor

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has denied any relation to the Felicia Kufuor, the lady who has been convicted for the possession of cocaine in the United Kingdom.

Felicia Kufuor who together with 10 others was recently sentenced to a combined prison term of 139 years for drug related offences in the United Kingdom (UK).

Rumours of the relation between Felicia and the ex-President intensified on social media when the news broke 2 days ago.

However, a quick rebuttal by the office of the President Kufuor denied any blood relation by the two.


Social Media Circulation of the Arrest and Jailing of three Ghanaians in the United Kingdom for Dealing in Drugs including one Felicia Kufour

A social media circulation of the arrest in December 2016 by the Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom authorities of several people including three UK-based Ghanaians and their recent imprisonment for a total of 139 years that included one Felicia Kufour has come to the notice of the Office of Former President John Kufuor. Some sections of the media are erroneously linking the said Felicia Kufour to the former president as his niece.

The office of Former President John Kufuor wishes to let all in the media and the general public to know that the said Felicia Kufour is in no way related to the former president. It is instructive that there is a picture of the said Felicia Kufour associated with the said publication. The former president wants to make it known to all and sundry that that individual is not known to him and is no niece or relative of his.

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