Presidential staffers are more than 998 – Ras Mubarak accuses Prez of tweaking numbers

Is Nana Addo lying to parliament?

The Member of Parliament for Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak, is disputing the number of presidential staffers put out by the Jubilee House.

He said his sources at the Jubilee House reveal the number is more than the 988 figure presented to parliament.

Mr Mubarak has therefore called for an independent head count to verify the number.

Prez Nana Addo presented a list of 998 presidential staff to Ghana's parliament
Prez Nana Addo presented a list of 998 presidential staff to Ghana’s parliament

We need an independent head count of the number of Presidential Staffers,” he posted on his personal Facebook page.

My sources at the Presidency say the Staffers are more than the 998 names released to Parliament“, the MP continued.

On Friday, the list of presidential staffers at the Jubilee House was made public, showing 988 people working at the presidency.

The ‘elephant size’ presidential staffers, the biggest in nation’s history, has generated social media storm.

Many Ghanaians have slammed the president for the high numbers, questing his mantra to protect the public purse.

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