Ejisu-Juaben NPP supporters in arms over MCE nominee

Polling station executives and supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ejisu-Juaben municipality, have expressed fury and strong opposition to what they claim to be moves by the party’s national leadership to get Madam Serwaah Derchie appointed as the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE).

They insist the woman is unknown to them and made no contribution to the party’s election success in the municipality.

Addressing journalists after they had defied a heavy rainfall to protest on the streets of Ejisu, Ms. Bridget Akosa Antwi, their Spokesperson, vowed to fiercely resist any attempt to force her [Mad. Derchie] on the area.

“We would like to state unequivocally that we would not be disrespected or ignored.”

She said “we do not want to believe that Ejisu-Juaben lacks equally loyal, capable, trusted, resourceful and qualified people for that office”.

She added that “if for whatever reason the leadership of the party is eager to reward her with DCE appointment, it is only reasonable to assume that the right place, should be Sekyere East, her district”.

Ms. Antwi said they found it difficult to rationalize why anybody would want to stir trouble – cause resentment among the rank and file of the party, the chiefs and people by taking such an unpopular decision.

“We have no doubt that this would even upset the constituency officers. They would be unable to publicly voice their disappointment but deep within them, they would be hurt.”

She indicated that, it was always prudent for leaders to listen to the “very people they are leading”, adding that, this was how they could continue to sustain their trust and carry them along with them.

Ms. Antwi said “we fought hard and made sacrifices to bring the NPP to power, and we remain unwavering in our determination to ensure that the government puts its right foot forward”.

Source: GNA

Published on 24 March 2017 | 4:00 pm at Source