“Criminal” Baba Kamara has state cars with him – Fmr. NDC MP – Starr Fm

Former NDC MP for Salaga Ibrahim Dey has alleged in a secret tape recording that former national security adviser to President John Mahama is keeping state vehicles, illegally.

According to Dey, Baba Kamara is keeping several of the wanted state cars in his home, claiming also that the security inclined NDC official is unable to step out of his house following the defeat of the umbrella family in the December polls.

In the secret tape recording in possession of StarrFMonline.com, the MP is heard telling another man, believed to be an executive of the NDC in the Northern region, that Mr. Kamara is a greedy man who stole monies while he served as treasurer to Dr. Obed Asamoah.

“If this change didn’t come they wouldn’t know how life is. When we don’t expose him this way, he would still live another day and come and fight. Such a stupid character. I don’t even know how he managed to get there. And Alhaji Osman; tell them they should go to his house for the cars. He always goes to where he gets money, he (Baba Kamara)  was deputy treasurer to Obed Asamoah.

“They were all stealing the money. Obed knows him from A to Z, and he hates him more than anything. He (Baba Karama) is a first class criminal, such a crook. They should go to Salaga, some of the cars are parked there. Most of the cars that are missing, they should start looking for Baba Kamara’s house and Alhaji Osman; tell them,” the voice said on the secret recording.

Several attempts by StarrFMonline.com to speak to Mr. Dey on the issue proved futile as he was unable to respond to our calls.



Published on 12 March 2017 | 7:26 pm at Source