“Come and take it” – Karbo taunts NDC – Starr Fm

In response to comments emanating from the NDC that he will be a one term MP for the Lawra Constituency, Anthony Abayifa Karbo who is also the deputy minister for Roads and Highways has dared the NDC to come and take the seat in 2020 if they believe it is theirs.

Speaking at the constituency delegates conference of the ruling NPP in Lawra on Saturday, Mr. Karbo said he did not win the seat by default but that his strategies were more efficient than that of the NDC and the independent candidate and that the people voted for change.

“We will not be so arrogant. We believe that the people voted for us because they could see a certain burning desire. Our message was compelling. Our strategy was a winning strategy. Last year’s elections, the NPP was ready for anything. We were clear in our minds that we could not be in opposition for more than 8 years”, he said.

He added that the party was clear in its mind on winning the seat that is why he won.

He revealed that the party wants to consolidate their grip on the seat.

“Now [that] we have won this seat; we have a task to consolidate. We are going to increase our votes, we have to target 15,000 and then the NDC will know their real size”, he said.

Mr. Karbo added that, “we are not going to win because in the four years we will come round and talk to you so that you will vote for us. You will vote for us because of the programs and projects.”

The Lawra seat is one of the seats the NDC lost to the NPP in the 2016 elections. It was created prior to the 2012 elections and was won by the NDC’s Sampson Abu who later went independent in the 2016 elections.

Published on 9 July 2017 | 1:34 pm at Source