Bugri Naabu tears down MPs; calls them saboteurs – Starr Fm

The Northern regional chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party has accused members of parliament of the party of sabotaging activities of Municipal, metropolitan and district chief executives.

According to him, the MPs are to blame for the challenges DCE-nominees have been facing with their approval across the country.


The maverick politician, who has also accused the Northern regional minister of corruption, made the comments in his latest tirade at the party’s regional congress at Tamale.


He said the party risk losing many seats in the region if higher authority disregards his caution, and mentioned the Nalerigu and Gushegu constituencies which he later retracted and I apologized.

“National chairman, we have problems. The problems are not from the regional executives. Some of the MPs in parliament; they are creating the problems about District Chief Executives appointment so go and tell the president to see to it that…these MPs are appointed by Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo and they were accepted and given monies …they are campaigning against Nana Addo appointments, if you don’t do it, the party is going to lose heavily.  In this region, there are borne of contentions; and I’m happy you are here and I will tell you, if you don’t go and do your work and the region is collapsed, don’t say it’s from me and my regional executives. We have done our part”.

The chairman also raged against the national chairman and the President for broken promise about the regional coordinator post of the Ghana School Feeding Program.

“School Feeding Program is destroying in northern region, I’m saying this without mincing words. You (national chairman), President Nana Akuffo Addo told me who you want and it was made known to the person but today every day trouble; I can’t sleep”, Bugri complained.

We will bus supporters to Russia 2018 – Sammy Awuku

The National youth organizer of the NPP, Sammy Awuku also reechoing a divisive rhetoric made earlier by the regional secretary, Sule Salifu said the party would sponsor only its members in the upcoming FIFA world cup tournament scheduled to take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018 in retaliation to what the National Democratic Congress party did during their eight-year term in office.

Mr. Awuku again told government appointees especially MMDCEs to discriminately provide jobs to party members and provide them with all the support because it was through their efforts the party came into power.

He said government appointees and those in leadership position should not be afraid or feel uneasy to carry out the directive because members of the NDC holding top positions started “the winner takes all” practice.

“It is time for us as party people to take care of our party people. When the NDC took their supporters to South Africa for the world cup in 2010, we didn’t complain, when they took their supporters to Equatorial Guinea, we didn’t complain, when they took them to Brazil, we didn’t complain, as for Russian, it is our time, they shouldn’t complain”

“Our party people have suffered. When you give a job to an NPP person, you are giving the job to a Ghanaian so our appointees should not be afraid to give jobs to our party people because we brought the party to power and without us they would not be any government, and so it is same for us as a party and people to also make sure if it is NADMO, if it is School Feeding, if it is Youth Employment Agency that our party people needs those jobs, lets support them and get those jobs because when they gave it to their supporters they said they are Ghanaians, very good, when we give it to our own people too, they are Ghanaians and should also respect that”, the tough speaking politician declared.

Several personalities including Defence minister and MP for Bimbila constituency, Interior minister, Ambrose Dery, Member of Parliament for Kpandai, Acting General Secretary, John Boadu, Northern regional minister, National Chairman, Freddy Blay, Nasara Coordinator, also spoke at the event which ended surprisingly without any drama.

Published on 31 July 2017 | 9:30 am at Source