Ken Ofori Atta and Menzgold boss Nana Appiah Mensah
Ken Ofori Atta and Menzgold boss Nana Appiah Mensah

This is a continuation of The Menzgold Tale by Keera Akosua Nyansapor detailing some facts and details about the Menzgold saga in Ghana. Read the first part here > Brick mansions and 3 lies – The Menzgold Tale and the second part here > Brick mansions and a failed regulation – The Menzgold Tale

In one disheartening video we hear the Finance Minister of Ghana Ken Ofori Atta, making jokes about this issue and blaming victims to “have known better” and as such have full culpability in their ordeal.

His position can be interpreted as the position of Government and the lack of sympathy in these circumstances is of serious concern even to the extent of describing the Ghanaians who elected him as greedy!

Questions for the finance minister on his Menzgold stance!

Does he fully understand the far reaching implications of a bad economy?

Does he know the number of businesses hanging by a thread called ‘Menzgold’, without which they would go under?

Does this arrogant Minister know that a lot of people go after these schemes not out of greed to build another skyscraper but because there are almost never enough resources to feed one’s children let alone pay school fees, bills and taxes?

Does our so called Minister know that at no point in official transcript before his inhumane comments, no one had mentioned that Menzgold did not have a license to operate in gold related products?

Does he also appreciate that Government is elected to represent and protect the people from injustice and as such if and when people have been exploited on a large scale government and all the regulators concerned must be questioned as to how this happened under their watch?

Does he know that by law government must right those wrong and build the populace trust in the government?

Does he also appreciate that it is the role of the government and courts to ensure a redress of all parties concerned?

Such comments by this minister makes citizens lose faith in Government and take the law into their own hands in pursuit of jungle justice through vandalism and mob actions.

Our elected and appointed officials must review and watch their comments in public, they must recognise that they are the mouthpiece of the country at every occasion. Their comments have global implications.

This post was edited by iGhanaian Editors for correctness, however, all views expressed herein remain that of the author, Keera Akosua Nyansapor  and are solely her. You can contact the author via

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