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The President of Youth For Human Rights Africa, (YoHRA), Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu, a renowned Human Rights Lawyer and advocate in Ghana and Africa has remarked that “ensuring peace during this year’s 8th August presidential and parliamentary elections in Kenya is a matter of Fundamental Human Rights

The remarks were made by the President of YoHRA during in an interview with Wilberforce Asare, a presidential correspondent and a Human Rights Ambassador on Friday,  August 4, 2017, who also reports for

Among others, Francis-Xavier Sosu said “Africa must move forward. We the Youth of Africa must make sure that Africa moves forward. The question is how do we move forward when politics divides us so sharply. Look at the tension in Kenya now. We the youth of Africa insist that Kenya must remain peaceful after their elections”

He said “Kenya as a state is aware of its obligation in the international context. There is a duty of the leaders of Kenya particular the Electoral Commission and other independent institutions of state to ensure that the right to life, safety, development in freedom as contained in the African Charter on Human and People’s Right are respected.

“Let’s not sacrifice the protection, life and security of the over 48million citizens which also include the vulnerable such as women, children, aged, the sick among other”.

Youth For Human Rights Africa” (YoHRA) is a Non-Governmental Human Rights organization registered under the Laws of Ghana with the aim of inspiring the youth of Africa to become advocates for tolerance and peace through education.

Lawyer Sosu added that YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AFRICA was muted by Sir Victor Akuchie during the 13th Annual International Human Rights summit, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The  1st ever GHANA YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS CONFERENCE that will be held in Accra on 11th December, 2017 is aimed at assembling Human Rights Ambassadors and Activist all over the continent of Africa to discuss issues bothering on Human Rights on the African continent in an effort to finding lasting solutions to those issues. “

The conference will be marked yearly on the 10th of December which is the UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, in all African countries, as we seek to establish country chapters of YoHRA all over the continent” – He added.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Published on 6 August 2017 | 5:46 pm at Source