Marwako case: Defence lawyers to file submission of no case

Lawyers for Jihad Chaaban, the Abelenkpe Branch Supervisor of Mawarko Restaurant, a Lebanese food chain in Ghana, who’s facing trial for assaulting a Ghanaian female employee, have served notice they may file a submission of no case despite being directed to open their defence.

A submission of no case is an application seeking to be acquitted without having to present a defence in a case. If a judge does not accept the submission, the case continues and the defence must present their case.

This follows an admission by the investigator in the case during cross-examination, that the splash of the pepper on the face of the victim, Evelyn Boakye, was accidental.

Jihad Chabaan, who is accused of showing the face of the caterer into blended pepper has been charged with assault.

Speaking to journalists after today’s [Wednesday] hearing, lead lawyer for the accused, Hulio de Medeiros, said the admission was a confirmation of their belief that their client was innocent.

“The investigator said that this was an accident. In view of that, we intend to bring a submission of no case. You will agree with us that we have said time again that this was an accident. Our client never intended to put pepper in he girl’s eyes. This is what we call an occupational hazard. It happens in our offices, it happens in our factories, in happens in the restaurants,” he said.

By: Fred Djabanor/

Published on 12 April 2017 | 2:24 pm at Source