I would’ve jailed 3 people a week – Rawlings – Starr Fm

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has stated that if he had the power, he would jail three people per week to make Accra clean again.

“You are lucky the position given to me is just a ceremonial one. If I was acting in the actual capacity, I would jail about three to five people a week till Accra becomes clean again,” the former President said when he spoke at the Ada Asafotufiam Festival.

The former President added “It is disheartening and very unpleasant. Those who collect rubbish come to dump them at the roadside. Let’s be a little more patriotic by arresting these persons and teach them a lesson.

“Typhoid, hepatitis B, and cholera are prevalent in our country because of this attitude. Because of this, we all need inoculation…this government inherited an ailing State and if we don’t come together to rebuild this country, we will all suffer.”

Mr. Rawlings’ comments come after he recently accepted to be the ambassador for a revamped sanitation campaign being championed by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

The campaign is to applaud individuals, houses and companies who keep their surroundings clean in Accra and punish others who live it unkempt.

Mr Rawlings was one of the few personalities applauded and awarded for keeping his Ridge surroundings, both inside and outside very clean.

Published on 6 August 2017 | 10:26 am at Source