Bimbilla township cut off days after flooding |

Two days after the torrential rains that hit parts of the Northern Region rendering many communities flooded, the Nanumba North and South districts still remain inaccessible with vehicles and passengers are unable to access or exit the Bimbilla township.

All the major roads leading to the town have been cut off as a result of collapsed bridges and dams over flowing. There have been instances of trucks getting stuck on the unmotorable road.


Thousands of acres of farmland were also swept by floods and some houses were reported to have collapsed rendering many homeless. Some of homeless have taken shelter in vacant school buildings, owing to the fact schools are on vacation.

The District Chief Executives for both Nanumba North and South told Citi News that the assemblies were not able to do anything because they lacked funds and therefore appealed to the central government to as a matter of urgency come to the aid of victims.

The DCE for Nanumba North, Abdulai Yaqoub said his assembly is already bedeviled with so many challenges like the fall armyworms and volatile security problem in the area, which have taken a toll on the finances of the assembly.


“As an assembly, we are unable to do anything for now because we do not have funds, we are already managing with volatile security problems which is draining the assembly coffers and as we speak now there is nothing at the assembly’s accounts. We are looking up to the central government to immediately come to our aid.”

He added that the biggest problem for now which may not be felt is the dam at ‘wampu’ which overflowed its banks will have dire consequences during the dry season.


Farmers who spoke to Citi News fear that they may not be able to pay back loans that they took from the financial institutions to invest in the farms.

“Now I don’t know what to do, I am helpless. I took a loan from the bank to invest on my farm with the hope that after harvest I will be able to repay the loan now everything has been washed away, the government should immediately come to our aid otherwise we are in serious trouble,” one farmer said.

By: Mohammed Aminu M. Alabira/

Published on 27 July 2017 | 2:36 pm at Source