Achimota SHS floors 67 encroachers in land case – Starr Fm

One of Ghana’s leading schools Achimota Secondary School has won a case against Netlynk and 66 other encroachers who had occupied its land.

The case which has been in court for about seven years came to an end Monday, June 19, 2017 when Judge Aduamah Osei threw out the case of Netlynk and 66 others against the School and instead upheld the School’s counterclaims.

1 The court found that: The properties of Netlynk and the others are on the School’s land

2 The Oku We and the Owoo families had no title to the areas encroached on and had no right to grant leases of land to other people;

3 Netlynk and the others were not “bona fide purchasers” and were reckless in acquiring their respective purported grants from the Oku We and Owoo families;

4 Netlynk and the others have trespassed onto the School’s land; and

5 The School is entitled to repossess its land and to damages for the destruction caused to the School’s properties including the farm and sewage system.

The court reserved judgment on the question of which of the 67 encroachers will be liable to pay damages for the destruction and to have their property repossessed by the School.

The court ordered lawyers to file legal arguments on this question by 4th July 2017 and for final orders in that respect to be made on 17th July 2017. We will keep you informed.

The Old Achimotans Association (OAA) Secretariat has hailed the judgment.

Published on 20 June 2017 | 12:45 pm at Source