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Learning Skills International School (LSIS) has held its 3rd annual Science Fair at its Adjiringanor campus.

On display at the fair were fascinating projects like Tech Demonstrations, Cleaning “Galamsey” water and so much more.

Launched in 2014, the Fair was created by LSIS to empower students through Science and Technology to prepare them to succeed in the 21st century.

The previous fairs provided a wide range of interesting and creative projects and this year’s fair was even better. Regina Honu, the founder of Soronko Solutions and a tech advocate for young children, was a special guest for the event.

The inspiration for the LSIS Science Fair came from the school’s CSR initiative to affect education in Ghana. Dr. Yvonne Young, the Head of the School, says, “In the 21st century, you prepare your students not for today but for 5 and 10 years from now.” Looking at the world, LSIS saw Science and Technology as the best way to bring about positive change in the Education sector.

Since then, they invested in teaching children how to code, build robots and develop a deep-rooted love for science. This culminated in the creation of the Science Fair, giving kids a platform to showcase what they learned and celebrate their achievements.

Now in their 3rd year, LSIS Science Fair opened its doors to the public to come and be part of this event. Starting at 10:30, LSIS students presented their science projects to guests and parents. By the end of the fair, everyone left enlightened and learning something new.

Looking back at the Fair, Mrs. Honu said, “As an alumni and tech advocate I was delighted to attend the 3rd Annual LSIS fair. I loved the creative and innovative scientific projects that were on display. Watching the kids with the robotics showed that it is important to start children early when it comes to science and technology. I left confident knowing that the students were in good hands. Kudos to LSIS for a great Science Fair and I look forward to the next one.”

About  LSIS

Learning Skills International School (LSIS) is a co-educational learning center that teaches young children up to Primary 6. The bedrock of an LSIS education is academic excellence, student centered classrooms, and a commitment to preparing children for tomorrow’s world.

LSIS was established in September 1986. From our humble beginnings of just over 10 students, we have grown steadily over 30 years to become Accra’s preeminent early childhood school with a campus at Osu and Adjiringanor. Contact us at  054 688 3556 or 026 939 7632 if you want to know more about the school.

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