Dabokpa SHS shut down; over 2k students sacked – Starr Fm

Authorities at Dabokpa Senior High School in Tamale have expelled students for a two day rioting over insufficient meals as tension deepens in second cycle institutions in the sub-region following previous government failure to release feeding grants.

The protest started Tuesday evening after the school prefects handed over posts to a new ‘administration’ which had promised sufficient and quality meals during elections.

Leaders of the new administration quickly mobilized and launched an abrupt protest pouring down all the food they had served for supper.

The chaotic protest continued Wednesday as the students turned down calls for lunch accusing authorities of cutting down quantity of their meals.

They vandalized cutlery sets, broke tables and slapped a dining hall teacher for filming their rage in the unprovoked rampage.

“We are many and the table is only three – each table consists of ten sauce pan and each sauce pan contain eleven people, so the food is not enough,” a student rioter told Starr News.

Authorities quickly called for security after realising the protest was escalating and the military was hurriedly deployed.

The headmaster earlier in a short announcement asked only the final year students to stay off indefinitely before later upon security advise extended the sanction to the about 2, 000 students.

A Police vehicle has been stationed to force out the students from the campus and those from afar were hopeless and stranded.

The Dabokpa senior school is noted for being the only school in the metropolis that still teaches students under trees, boarders sleep on fields due to lack of facilities and high students indiscipline.

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