Ghana is bent on ensuring that her trade relations with the UK are not negatively affected whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

The United Kingdom has been involved in negotiations with the EU following the vote to exit the European Union.

With less than a year until “Brexit Day”, a number of issues remain unresolved between the UK and the EU, two traditionally important trade partners of Ghana.

The uncertainty over the nature and timing of Brexit has heightened the alert of Ghanaian trade bureaucrats who are monitoring the situation closely.

Speaking to Citi Business News the Director of Multilateral, Regional and Bi Lateral Trade, Mr. NyameBaafi, said Ghana is keeping an eye on the Brexit negotiations to determine its implications for the country.

“Since the UK citizens voted for the Brexit, we have closely been monitoring to see how the eventual Brexit may have effect on trade relations with Ghana but we are actually bent on ensuring that there will be a marginal transition. So currently, what we are doing with UK is that we are trying to monitor to see finally the kind of trade deals they will have with UK, whether it will be soft brexit or hard brexit.”

Meanwhile leading Ghanaian exporters say they have received assurances from UK officials that the Brexit negotiations would not damage the fortunes of Ghanaian businesses that export into the British market.

Deputy Chief Executive of Golden Exotics- a Ghanaian Fruit exporting company, George Kporye told Bernard Avle that after meeting key UK trade and political officials this week in London, they are assured that the interest of Ghanaian and Africa businesses will be protected, irrespective of how the negotiations go.

By: Bernard Avle/

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