Rafiah Ibrahim (L) and Roshi Motman (R) exchanging the signed agreement between AirtelTigo and Ericsson
Rafiah Ibrahim (L) and Roshi Motman (R) exchanging the signed agreement

Telecom operator, AirtelTigo Ghana has partnered with Ericsson to consolidate and upgrade its network infrastructure.

The partnership will enable AirtelTigo to unify its network assets between former Tigo and Airtel and provide customers with fast internet experience and superior voice quality.

The agreement with Ericsson includes end-to-end consolidation and managed services for the AirtelTigo Network. AirtelTigo will be able to expand coverage to all parts of the country, including rural areas.

At a press briefing to announce the partnership, the Chief Executive Officer for AirtelTigo, Roshi Motman, said: “The main benefits of the network upgrade to our customers are — nationwide coverage, fast internet speeds and superior voice quality.

She was confident that Ericsson was well resourced with both the latest technology and expertise to do the consolidation and upgrade the network to world class standards.

Rafiah Ibrahim, Head, Ericsson Middle East and Africa, said: “We continue to partner with customers and take on the prime integrator role in complex multivendor integration and deployment projects. As Airtel and Tigo embark on what promises to be an exciting new chapter in the Ghana telecom space, they have selected Ericsson as their prime and preferred network integrator. This new partnership enables us to help the operator pave the way towards 4G and eventually 5G network evolution in Ghana.

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