2 former GIS staff fraudulently paid 89,000 Ghana cedis

Two ex-employees of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) in Koforidua in the Eastern Region were wrongfully paid a total salary of GHS89,789.68 for three months.

This was uncovered in by the Auditor-General in its 2016 report.

The report said that “this pattern of payment indicated a deliberate practice on the part of the Controller and Accountant-General.”

The Auditor-General, therefore, recommended that the full amount should be recovered from the Controller and Accountant-General.

The report also disclosed that the management of the Department of Social Welfare, Bolgatanga, paid GHC92,315.50 as imprest to 7 officers to undertake official assignments who was not retired.

The report recommended to “management to treat this as an advance and be recovered from the officers.

Furthermore, two cashiers at the Commercial Court in Accra understated total collections in the revenue and deposit cash books by GHS20,893,095.83 and GHS140,420.24, respectively, resulting in an understatement of GHS21,033,516.07 in the cash book.

In such cases, the A-G recommended that regular reconciliation should be carried out to reveal and correct such occurrences.

Lastly, the registrar at the Births and Deaths Registry, in Wa, collected revenue of GHS224,760.00 and paid the amount into his private account instead of the approved bank accounts.

It has been recommended that the amount should be refunded by the officer with interest.

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