Mixed reactions meet 15% increase in road transport fare

There have been mixed reactions to the 15%  increase in transport fares today.

Checks at some bus terminals have revealed that while some passengers have been complying with the adjustments, others are resistant to the increases.

The Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council earlier assured that the new fares will be published at bus terminals to avert agitations.

However, some passengers who spoke to Citi Business News seem not pleased with the increases.

Citi Business News caught up with a passenger  who complained that the fare had gone up by 20 pesewas.

“I experienced an increase in fares as I was made to pay 20 pesewas more than I usually do on my way to work, although I was aware of the increase in transport fares, I didn’t  know how much more I would have to pay, most of the passengers in the car seemed to be aware of the increment as well and asked the mate for an official sheet with the new fares but he was unable to produce one”.

Another passenger who spoke to Citi Business News said the news of the increase led to misunderstanding in a bus he boarded to work.

“I pay GHS1.40 when I’m going to work but this morning there was an increase in the price by 20 pesewas, people in the car were not happy when they were asked to pay twenty pesewas more, it seems like the announcement on the increase did not get far so they were not aware about the increment which resulted in a fight in the car with some people even attempting to beat the mate,” a passenger narrated.

A passenger who gave his name only as James however told Citi Business News that he paid the same amount with no increase.

“I am aware of the increase and so were other passengers on the bus I was on, however the fare from the station to my work place is the same, I am yet to pay a higher amount than I always do,” he said.

The 15%  increase in transport fares is the first for the year 2017

By: Anita Arthur/citibusinessnews.com/Ghana



Published on 6 April 2017 | 5:28 pm at Source