Gas Tanker Drivers resolute over intended strike |

The Association of Gas Tanker Drivers has refused to call off its earlier threat of a nationwide strike over the sole supply of gas by Puma Energy.

This is despite the National Petroleum Authority’ (NPA) denying any it has any deal with Puma Energy Limited to supply of gas and LPG cylinders to domestic consumers as part of the Cylinder Recirculation Module.

According to the group, there has still not been any formal communication to them from the NPA and the plan to strike will still hold until it gets “something concrete.”

This is according to Bernard Donkor, the Public Relations Officer for the Gas Tanker Drivers Association, who indicated some distrust for the NPA saying “we have been dealing with the NPA for some time now and we know their ways of operating.”

The NPA released a statement to the General public denying the ties with Puma first alleged by the Gas Tanker Drivers Association.

The authority said the claims from the Gas Tanker Drivers Association were an outright falsehood perpetuated by the Association.

Mr. Donkor acknowledged the statement from the NPA but said his group is “expecting that we get a direct communication, either written or verbal to that effect.”

“The communication that came from the NPA was for the general public. If we should go by what they have said to the General Public, which has not been directed at us, I don’t think we will be doing ourselves any good.”

Thus he said, “if we get the desired results, definitely, we are going to hold on [with the strike] but until that, we will go ahead with all our plans as scheduled.”

Discontent with policy

When the Association first raised concerns with the Cylinder Recirculation Module, it expressed fears that the policy if allowed will throw them out of business, and cause the collapse of all gas filling stations in the country.

The associations warned that about 7,000 Ghanaians workers in the LPG chain would be laid off, aggravating the already high unemployment situation in the country.

The LPG Marketers Association also feel the plan to introduce the Cylinder Recirculation Module is targeted at collapsing their businesses despite their long operation within the industry.

They, however, feel the policy can be implemented through them due to their experience in the industry, spanning over 30 years.

By: Minna Dablu/Delali Adogla-Bessa/

Published on 5 August 2017 | 3:43 pm at Source