Advans Ghana opens new branch in Hohoe

Advans Ghana has opened a new branch in Hohoe, a town noted as the economic nerve centre of the Volta Region.

With the introduction of Advans into the local economy, customers are assured of yet another world-class banking service point.


Advans Ghana’s Hohoe branch is strategically located close to the central market and the lorry park making it easily accessible to customers, its spacious banking hall and very friendly staff complement their very unique services thus attracting several customers to the bank which open to the public in March this 2017.

This brings Advans Ghana branches in the Volta region to two, Ho and Hohoe.

The financial sector in Hohoe is growing very fast with new banks opening regularly. Over the last year [2016], two new banks have open branches here; NIB and Advans. Hohoe has a branch of the Bank of Ghana, Fidelity Bank, Barclays Bank, ADB, GCB, GN Bank and several rural banks

The branch manager, Samuel Ntiamoah, speaking to Citi News expressed optimism in the Hohoe market as, according to him, the Volta region is an emerging market hence the banks decision to open a second branch to be sited in Hohoe after Ho. The choice of Hohoe was based on a careful research and evaluation of the money market in the Volta region. Hohoe is strategically positioned, when the infamous eastern corridor project is completed, it will become an even busier town.

With the opening of the school of Public health, a faculty of the university and health and allied sciences in Hohoe, and the conversion of teacher training colleges into colleges of education with tertiary status, Hohoe now has 4 tertiary institutions, a plywood factory with a workforce of over 2000, and a vibrant tourism industry, that sees hotels, guest houses and entertainment spots opening almost on daily bases, the money market in Hohoe is growing exponentially and the need for a more tailor-made financial services can’t be more timely.

Mr. Samuel Ntiamoah believes Hohoe is right for investment and as a bank whose motto is “growing with you” there is no better time than now to help the ordinary man grow, the bank promises customers nothing less than world-class banking services with very friendly staff and customer services second to none.

The bank may soon launch special packages and products that will meet the demands of the market in Hohoe. For the bank, diversity and tailor made products are the spice of an innovative financial institution.

Many of the customers who attended the launch express satisfaction at the performance of Aadvans Ghana, which is barely 3 months old in the area.

By: Gratham-Jaisey Mckintosh/

Published on 28 May 2017 | 7:22 am at Source