Accent financial services customers livid over locked up cash |

Customers of Accent Financial Services have threatened to use all means possible to get back their locked up cash.

The customers who staged a protest last week over the matter said all efforts to get their cash have been unsuccessful.

The agitated customers of the company besieged the premises of the alleged owner of the company to demand money owed them.

The customers told Citi Business News they have been demanding for their monies for the past six months but have been unsuccessful in getting them back.

“Myself and a number of other Ghanaians invested in the company. It’s been over a year and half for me and it is time to take the money. But anytime we go there, they give us excuses so we decided to come to the office of one of the owners to find out what is really going on,” one aggrieved customer narrated to Citi Business News.

“Personally, I have about 20,000 cedis in there. My other friends some have one hundred thousand, some fifty thousand, others ten thousand. Also, they failed to issue certificates when your rollover time is due and a few other things. People started complaining that when maturity is due they don’t pay and that’s when we got alarmed,” he added.


The customers believe the company is undergoing crises and thus the reason it is unable to give them their money.

Meanwhile another customer, identified as Kwesi, who introduced his brother and his fiancé as well as his friends to Accent, tells Citi Business News he is left worried and disturbed as he believes there is little chance of them receiving even a little part of their money.

“Unfortunately my brother and his fiancé did not go for theirs because they did not know the company was getting into crises. Now it’s gotten so bad that not only them but quite a number of people are trying to get their money back and it is proving no result” he said.

Meanwhile, the company’s office at airport west was almost empty when I visited.

The receptionist and few workers were the only ones present.

By: Jessica Ayorkor Aryee/

Published on 2017-10-31 09:02:13 at Source